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Welcome to Surf With The Titans Manual Traffic Exchange ! We Offer 4 Different Advertising Ways, Zubees And CTP Tiered Badges. - We Are A VTG V.I.P Site And A Coop MG Partner - You Need The Views, We Have The Viewers - Sign Up NOW ! !

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Some Features

- SignUp Bonus (250/500/500) after 50 pages.
- Cash Prizes in the surf.
- Fun games (Zubee Treasure and Emerald Hunter, etc...).
- Random Prize Pages (Credits - Banners - Text - Cash).
- TE-Promos Cash Badges.
- VTG site (cash rewards for upgraded members).
- Progressive surf ratios.
- TE-Mystery Game (cash rewards for upgraded members).
- Signup for your FREE Membership today (read our Terms and FAQ first).
- Any question ? Use the "Contact" link.

Site Disclosure

We are NOT an MLM, pyramid and/or ponzi scheme, Paid To Click or any other "Get-Rich-Quick" program.
In NO Way are we supporting this kind of sites today nor will we ever do in the future.

Surf With The Titans is free to use.
We do not require you to pay any fees ever to join and participate in our site neither you to refer anyone to our site to use our service.

We are an internet advertising platform aiming for quality website traffic.
As a bonus for using our services you will have the possibility to earn some money but you will not get rich.

Are you ready to face the creatures of the Tartarus ?

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