Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?
You earn site views, banner or text impressions by surfing and viewing the ads from the other members of the site.

Where are all my Credits that I earned from surfing?
Credits earned from surfing are assigned to your sites and your account (Free must auto assign at least 75% and Upgraded 50%). Credits from prize pages are sent to your account.

How do I refer others?
Login to your Member Area and click "Affiliate Toolbox" to get your banners, splash pages and referral URL to promote the site. New members that join our system using your referral url will be added to your downline and you will earn rewards from their activities on the site. Take note that Upgraded receive random referrals.

How do I upgrade my membership?
Simply visit the "Upgrade" section and pick the package of your choice.Take note that there might Special Offers showed when you login, read them carefully, you might be able to save some money.

How do I buy credits, banner or text, ads?
Go to the "Buy Credits" menu and pick the package of your choice.

How do I know what has been earned from referrals?
You can see what has been earned from from your referrals by looking in the "Earnings" menu.

Why does my site not show up in rotation?
The system will not show members their own sites since that would be wasting their credits. When you add a new site, you must allocate credits to it. Depending on your Membership a certain percentage of your credits earned from the surf must be auto-assigned to your sites.

Why is my site On Hold?
If your site is placed on hold that means there was a problem with your site when the admin checked it. This may include errors with the site, or site not found. Sites that are placed on hold will usually be checked again later to see if the problem is still there.

Why has my site been suspended?
If your site has been suspended it is because the site was found to be in violation of our terms. This may include having any type of popup windows, javascript errors, being a framebreaker site, or anything else that stops the normal operation of our system. Please read the terms for full details. Sites that get suspended are normally deleted from the system after a few days. This gives you time to remove any credits that may be assigned to them. Serious or repeat site offenders may be deleted immediately along with their member account without any further notice.

What are the withdraw policies?
If you are an upgraded member, payout will be done to the same address and processor you used to upgrade.
You can request to be paid once you reach the minimum amount required for your membership level, which is:

- $20 for "Human" (FREE) and "Pegasus Booster" Members.
- $15 for "Diamond Collector" and "VTG Runner" Members.
- $10 for "Half God", "Olympian" and "Titan" Members.

Simply send a message to our staff if you want to be paid.

Due to several cheat attempts, ALL members from China & Hong Kong must be UPGRADED in order to be paid.
And when payout is requested it must be to a verified PayPal address matching the same name as in your
Surf With The Titans pofile.

We provide a free service with premium advertising options, though the free service is a courtesy to members that are willing to respect the purpose of the service we offer and not abuse it.

We aim for Quality Traffic so that the hard earned surf credits of our members are used properly.
If we wanted artificial traffic, we would have gone "autosurf"...

When may I expect to be paid afer I requested a payment?
We pay on Saturday. For instance, if you did a withdraw request on Tuesday you will be paid the next Saturday. Do not forget to add your payment preferences into your profile.

My question is not listed
Please use the contact form. We will reply within 24 hours.

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